For reference:

Q: Are spongee shoes necessary?
A: No. Runners, boots, etc. are all permitted. Spongee shoes and broomball are allowed. Altered footwear is not. 

Q: What time do we play?
A: Schedules will be released as soon as all teams have registered.

Q: How early do we need to show up before our game?
A: Please be at the Norwood Community Centre at least 15 minutes before game time. This will allow time for check-in, time to receive your player package, and time to get ready to play!

Q: Can I wear a helmet?
A: YES! All protective gear (shin guards, mouth guards, elbow pads, gloves, helmets etc.) is strongly recommended. 

Q: What will happen if it’s cold outside?
A: Providing the conditions are still playable, the tournament will run as scheduled. Please stay tuned to this website, as well as our Twitter feed @betweenTpipes for the most up-to-date information. 

Q: How many players are on the ice at once?
A: 4. 3 players, and 1 goalie. 

Q: If I’d like to volunteer as a referee, do I need experience?
A: Experience is preferred, but not required.  Please read through the Rules and Regulations to ensure you understand the rules. Officials will also be in charge of keeping time, and keeping score. 


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